Popular and Traditional Simaple Recipes

Chaoshan is an island and gourmet of Chinese cuisine

“Chaoshan is an island and gourmet of Chinese cuisine. If you have never been to Shantou, you are not a gourmet at all.”.Chaoshan delicious food, in Jingjie’s first impression is Chaoshan beef hotpot. What other delicacies are worth exploring one by one? Then we have to mention the documentary “flavor origin – Chaoshan”.This documentary has a total of 20 episodes of 10 minutes each. It concentrates 20 documentaries with Chaoshan flavor. From material selection to production process, it restores and shows the essence of each cuisine.

“Chaoshan people’s alternative staple food — fish rice”。In the eyes of Chaoshan people, Yufan is definitely a special existence.Cook fish like cooking and eat fish like eating. This is Chaoshan fish meal.After cleaning, the fresh fish are soaked in salt water, put into a small bamboo basket, and then put into a large pot and cooked in high concentration salt water. After cooling, the fish rice is ready.

The immersion of salt water promotes the slow release of the original sweetness in the fish, forming a unique fresh sweetness.The fish is compact and plump, which is the most simple way for Chaoshan people to create delicious food.There are many kinds of fish rice, including silver fish, autumn swordfish, shrimp, cuttlefish, crab, yellow croaker, hairtail, etc Each one has a very different taste.”In Chaoshan, every cow is clearly arranged”

Chaoshan hot pot is a clear stream in the hot pot industry.In Shantou City alone, there are hundreds of beef hotpot shops, and Chaoshan people can identify each kind of beef with their teeth and tongue tips.Chaoshan beef hotpot is the highest courtesy of Chaoshan people to beef.

For Chaoshan people, the secret of beef hotpot is freshness and knife work. Chaoshan beef hotpot needs to complete the decomposition of fresh beef within four hours.Every piece of meat on a cow is arranged in a clear and white way, with neck kernel, five flower toes, chest buns, tender beef, three flower toes Every position has its own way to eat!

People who know how to cook are used to digging a spoon of chopped celery, a spoon of crispy garlic, a little salt, a spoon of beef bone soup and a beef ball, with a saucer of tea sauce beside them.And beef balls are also Chaoshan hot pot, the indispensable protagonist, with a 3 jin, 4 cm wide square hammer knife, beating continuously for at least 30 minutes, and picking out the fascia in the beef.

The meatballs made by hand in this way are juicy, refreshing and delicious, which can’t be forgotten by many gourmands.”Where there are Chaoshan people, there will be a bar”。Chaoshan people use rice powder thin layer steaming to dry and cool, and then cut the spare rice products to be called “Jue”.

Chaoshan people have been doing rice for 500 years. A large number of Central Plains immigrants who moved southward came to Chaoshan area and replaced wheat with rice, which led to the emergence of rice.No matter it is boiled in high soup or fried with lard, zhutiao has become an indispensable delicacy for Chaoshan people because of its unique taste.”The essence of Chaoshan brine — brine goose” Chaoshan brine is characterized by its strong fragrance, while the addition of Nanjiang makes it unique.

Chaoshan’s bittern geese are numerous. They are the best in the bittern. The aged bittern and the special product of lion head geese make the goose become flexible and refreshing with the long-term immersion of the bittern.

In Chaoshan, every brine workshop has its own secret: star anise, cinnamon, Amomum, cardamom, fennel The different proportions of various spices make the taste experience rich and varied.Brine, the seasoning stewed slowly, has become the essence of Chaoshan cuisine after thousands of years.”Unique taste code of Chaoshan people — Puning bean paste”In Hongyang, Liusha and Jieyang, there are many exclusive stores of Puning bean paste.

And this little bean paste hides the secret of 14 million Chaoshan people’s fresh food.There is no strict time standard for the production of Puning soybean paste, which is controlled by the producer according to experience. This kind of soybean paste can match with a large number of delicious foods, such as stir fried vegetables, chicken with bean paste, dip materials, and the taste can be perfectly integrated~In addition to bean paste, there are fish sauce and salty miscellaneous. These are Chaoshan people, from snacks to big taste buds.

In addition to the above dishes, there are many cuisines in Chaoshan, such as Sufu cake, pickled crab, fish, thin shell, Puning tofu, Leicha, motherwort, laver, olive and oyster, and then Chaoshan orange.Saw a circle of Chaoshan food, saliva DC, just want to rush to Chaoshan, to eat!

These ordinary dishes have become the memory of every Chaoshan people. No matter how far away from home, a real taste is enough to recall the memory of their hometown.

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