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Crucian carp used to be recognized as delicious fresh water and why it is not so delicious

Four big fish are not only green, grass, silver carp and bighead carp. In some places, such as Shunde, Guangdong Province, there are also grass carp (grass), bighead carp, silver carp and mud carp. However, either way of saying, it does not include carp and crucian carp, which have special status in daily life.We have introduced the birth of carp before. Today we understand the carp, which is also very famous, very common and has a decreasing sense of existence.

1、 Little delicacy, crucian carp

Carassius auratus, also known as Carassius auratus seeds, Carassius auratus shell fish, river Carassius auratus, native Carassius auratus, happy head fish and so on. It is a member of the large cyprinoid family, Cyprinidae, Carassius. So crucian carp and carp are very similar, but crucian carp is much smaller than carp. The easiest way to distinguish the two is to look at the beard. Crucian carp has no beard, while carp has.Crucian carp is not big. Most of the fish are between 1 and 3 Liang. The wild crucian carp grows from the water flower (the small fish just hatched from the eggs, also known as the fry and the fish flower) to three Liang, about three years.Carassius auratus is one of the most common fish in Chinese life.

Although it has a large number and a wide distribution, it is not big and does not grow fast. It seems that this is the reason why crucian carp can not be ranked among the four major fishes.

The size of crucian carp is not a problem, there is science. Engineering crucian carp (Carassius auratus), also called Xiangyun crucian carp (Carassius auratus), is artificially bred by bioengineering technology. It is characterized by its inability to breed itself. Therefore, it focuses on growing meat and has a fast growth rate, 3-5 times that of common crucian carp. Compared with the common crucian carp, the engineering crucian carp is also bigger. In that year, the largest fry can grow to 0.75kg. But the meat is loose, and the taste is not as good as the wild crucian carp.The engineering crucian carp caught by Diaoyou usually comes from the fish pond to escape

Carp and crucian carp are also cultivated by bioengineering technology. They have whiskers and are exactly like carp. They are much larger than crucian carp, but they have the same number of lateral scales and vertebrae as crucian carp.

2、 The key to make crucian carp white soup

The first characteristic of crucian carp is its wide distribution and large quantity.The reason is that it has strong adaptability, low temperature tolerance and low oxygen tolerance, so it can be seen all over the country except the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. All kinds of strange puddles and ponds can catch crucian carp.

The Carassius on the back of the Danish 50 kroner note issued in the 1970s is the work of the Danish painter IB Andersen. In Europe, crucian carp is also common. Europeans do not eat river fish at all, but sea fish is more preferred.Crucian carp is also good at laying eggs. It is strange that there are always fish seeds in the belly of the caught crucian carp, and there are endless seeds throughout the year. This is decided by the survival strategy of Carassius auratus. Carassius auratus does not choose to live outside the environment, and its strong fecundity is itself a skill. It only takes one year for crucian carp to participate in reproduction from birth. In some places, crucian carp can produce 7,8 cm seeds.

There is a folk saying that “if there is water, there will be crucian carp”. Of course, this is an exaggeration. If there is water, there will be crucian carp, which is achieved by a large number of seeds. It seems that there are always various opportunities for interaction between isolated natural water bodies, such as underground rivers, floods, tornadoes, birds without tight fish, and people who love to let go Therefore, crucian carp is everywhere.Of course, crucian carp seeds can’t be preserved for thousands of years, “thousands of years of fish seeds, thousands of years of grass seeds”, at least thousands of years of fish seeds is an exaggeration, there is no scientific evidence. In nature, only the eggs of certain killifish in Africa are known to survive for a year in dry conditions.

Carassius auratus in ancient times, also known as Fu, likes to group. Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica quoted Lu Dian’s “Guya” from the Song Dynasty, saying: “when Carassius auratus travels, it means Carassius auratus, so it means Carassius auratus; when it’s attached to it, it means” Guya “.The idiom “crucian carp crossing the river” is used to describe a lot of things. The idiom “dry frog” refers to the crucian carp in the dry wheel print, which is used to describe the people who are in urgent need of help in a difficult situation. The allusion that the water is far from the water and the water is near the thirst comes from here. All these show how close and daily crucian carp is to our life.Sushi is an ancient sushi, using the white crucian carp of Pipa Lake

Crucian carp is also a traditional food in Japan. Sushi originated in the 8th century. In the spring, after catching the carp in Pipa Lake, that is, the unique white crucian carp, the scales and viscera of the fish are removed first, and then stored after applying salt. After two or three months, the blood water in the fish is gradually discharged. In summer, take out the fish, layer by layer fish and rice layer by layer, and put on the weight to compact to help it ferment. The storage time can be from a few months to a year or two.Due to long-term fermentation, the most distinctive feature of sushi is its sour taste. Many people can’t accept its taste, think it is “dark cuisine”, and some people like to eat it. Because sushi is stored for too long and has been “cooked”, it is also called “cooked sushi”.

The second characteristic of crucian carp is its beauty.Most crucian carp are gray black and plain, but there are occasionally red and gold colored crucian carp in nature. After people’s conscious collection and cultivation, it has evolved into an important symbol of Chinese culture – goldfish. The earliest written record of goldfish is in the Jin Dynasty. Chinese goldfish was introduced to Japan in the 16th century and Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The third characteristic of crucian carp is delicious.Crucian carp is small and has many thorns. This kind of fish has never been popular with westerners, but in China it represents the taste of fish.According to Yuan Mei’s random garden food list, the crucian carp with a flat body and white skin is the best, and its meat is easy to rot and get rid of its bones.