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Here are 5 ways to Compliment women that men must read

Women need praise like flowers need watering. Psychologists have found that women tend to be more sensitive than men and pay more attention to intuition, and language acceptance and response is much sharper than men.Women naturally love to be admired compliments women want to hear. They crave attention and affirmation. Women, on the other hand, have a soft heart and are more likely to like the speaker if they hear something complimentary. It’s easy to win over a woman if your compliment is to her heart’s content.

However, do not think that more flattery, praise the woman will have a good impression of you, inappropriate praise and will make the other party to you. It’s easy to misunderstand when you compliment a woman directly and boldly, because it doesn’t fit the distance that the opposite sex demands. It can make the other person feel uncomfortable, and it can make the other person misunderstand you, which is not the purpose of praising a woman.

If a man does not know how to praise women, he will not be able to win the favor of women, especially in the confession, more need to master the skill of praise beautiful compliments to a woman. So how do you celebrate women when a woman compliments you? Here are five of the best ways to compliment women! Once mastered, it’s not hard to win women’s hearts.

There is something in psychology called “egocentrism”. Each of us sees ourselves as “the center” to some extent, and it is normal for each of us to want constant attention from others, especially women. So, when you’re talking to women, don’t put yourself at the center of the conversation, and be mindful of the following:

(1) Pay attention to “the other” first, then refer to “oneself”;

(2) Put the other party in the main position; .

(3) Show interest in what the other person has to say, which in itself is a compliment;

(4) Show your concern for each other when they are in trouble.

2. Learn to say “we”

When you’re with women, if you don’t want to alienate them, say “we.” In Chinese, “we” can include or exclude the talking party how to compliment a girl. By saying “we”, the other person has unconsciously found something in common with you.

For example, if you’re talking to a woman you don’t know very well, and it feels like a good conversation for a while, you end up saying, “Today, we made a good point. We’ll pick up the conversation later.” This means that you have accepted the other person and that he or she will feel trusted and close to you. The first question of the day is merely an idiomatic expression. But when the word “we” is properly used in these everyday conversations, the listener feels a strong sense of trust.

When talking to a woman, always try to show your respect by asking her to speak first. Some people have analyzed that, due to the influence of traditional ideas and habits, many women lack the ability to make decisions. If you understand this psychology, you can take encouragement, praise to eliminate her inner generation of this psychological tendency to escape responsibility. It’s best not to say in front of her, “You should do this,” about something she has to decide. Tell her she did a good job in a clear and positive way. In this way, her confidence will be stronger and stronger.

It is said that if you can let her speak out first, you should give her appropriate guidance beside, or gently tell her your thoughts, she will have a crush on you. She will feel that you are not only respectful, but also considerate.

4. Don’t worry about other women’s feelings

Praise must be appropriate at work or in the presence of other women. You know, the “jealous” mentality of the average woman are more or less. Some men often unconsciously praise a woman in front of others. It is better to say less of this. Especially to the female colleague of own unit or female friend, it is best not to talk about these. Because women are sensitive to compliments, they should pay special attention to them.Every woman wants to be acknowledged for her own existence, and if her merits, such as talent, appearance, and judgment, are duly praised by others, especially men, she feels a genuine pleasure and a favourable opinion of the person who praises her. Note, however, that praise is not flattery, and if the woman being complimented is ashamed of herself, it is better not to say so.

Try to say the compliment in a natural tone. Nature itself means beauty. Praise women in a calm way. Don’t embarrass the other person by saying it. This will allow you to acknowledge your compliment. Also, don’t compliment women on a whim. That will make them feel like you’re not being nice.

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